archives and research
There are a number of historical archives stored in Pelham.
Access is only by appointment. It is strongly recommended that you email or call well in advance, as we are only part-time and volunteer staffed.

TOWN OF PELHAM ARCHIVES For Official Pelham Town Records, including Birth Certificates, Death Certificated, Marriage Intentions, and Tax Records:
Pelham Town Clerk
Rhodes School building
351 Amherst Road
Pelham, MA 01002 413-253-0512
PELHAM HISTORICAL COMMISSION’S ARCHIVES For Information about Historic Structures, Buildings and Cellar Holes in town:
Pelham Historic Commission
Joe Larson, Chair
Rhodes School building
351 Amherst Road
Pelham, MA 01002
PELHAM HISTORY ROOM For General Historic Information about Pelham and it’s Surrounding Communities, the Pelham Museum accessing the Pelham Historical Society’s Archives or the Pelham Library’s Archives:
Pelham Historical Society Bruce Klotz – Treasurer
Pelham Library – History Room Jodi Levine – Library Director

ARCHIVAL QUICK LINKS: The Collections Database has tools for searching the Pelham Historical Society’s Collections and Archival databases, as well as the Pelham Library’s and Town of Pelham’s Historical Commission’s Archival Indexes. The Links page contains links to to various documents and external WEB sites. Our Wiki contains documents related to the Pelham Historical Society. The Galleries page contains photo galleries. The Pelham Oral Histories page contains transcripts and recordings of oral histories of Pelham residences.