Welcome to the Pelham Historical Society’s Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest.

Your challenge is to locate as many of these objects or places as possible, and prove it with a photograph showing yourself with the objects or at the places. You have to be in the image, so you will need an accomplish or two, or a self timer. How you locate them is up to you. We will start off with one photo clue, and add new ones from time to time or as each previous one is found.

The rules are simple:
  1. Look at each of the photos.
  2. Locate the objects or places somewhere in Pelham.
  3. Take a picture of them with yourself in the picture
  4. Submit your entry for each photo
  5. Check back to see what other people have found

There will be a small prize for the first finders, most creative, most beautiful
and catagories TBD for each picture.

Some Additional Notes:

All of the objects and locations are in Pelham, MA. Some can only be reached on foot, some are along the roadways, and some are in between. Some are inside (only in public buildings)*, but most are outside. Some are new, some are old, and some are really old. Some have changed since the photos were taken. They are not all located on public lands – many are along trails that pass through private property. Please be very respectful: Stay on trails, do not climb on, dig around, or otherwise damage anything. Take only pictures (and memories). Some may be along roadways, so please watch out for traffic when posing. By sending us your photos, you are giving the society permission to use them as we see fit. And lastly, Have fun!

For additional information about Pelham’s many historic treasures, be sure to check out the Pelham Historical Society’s programs and museum!

* This is not fair since all public buildings are currently closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. So we have removed these clues for now!.
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