Oral Histories


The Pelham Oral History Project:

Between 1979 and 1981, Barbara Benda Jenkins conducted 21 oral history sound recordings with long-time Pelham residents. The recordings were transcribed by a number of volunteers, and then, in 2003, were electronically transcribed by Happi Cramer.

In a few instances, the transcripts have been edited for on-line presentation. Editorial notations are signified with brackets [ ]. The complete, unedited texts as well as the sound recordings themselves are available at the Pelham Free Public Library History Room. — Robert Lord Keyes – February 12, 2005

Pelham Oral History Project: TOC Index of Interviews

Pelham Oral History Project: Part 1
PDF or Microsoft Word Part 1 Includes conversations with: Flora Adriance, Daniel Henry Allen, Mark Aldrich, Harold Bohmer, George W. Burrows, Paul H. Campbell, Ethel Cushman, Herbert Goodell.

Pelham Oral History Project: Part 2
PDF or Microsoft Word Part 2 Includes conversations with Gifford Towle, Lawrence’Bud’ Willson, Marion Wilson, Marie Yegian.

Pelham Oral History Project : Part 3
PDF or Microsoft Word Part 3 Includes conversations with John Partridge Hunt, Pearl Keyes, Sr., Evelyn Kimball, Gladys Olds Reed, Mabel Lumley, M. Carlton Robinson, Sally Shepard, Beatrice Irene Smith, Mary L. H. Taylor.

Flora Adriance
Mark Aldrich
Daniel Allen Tape 1
Daniel Allen Tape 2
Harold Bohmer
George Burrows Tape 1
George Burrows Tape 2
George Burrows Tape 3
George Burrows Tape 6
George Burrows Tape 7
Marion Carlton Robinson [1916-1991] – Recorded Feb. 16, 1981 (approx. 60 min)
Sally Shepard – Recorded June 1979 (approx. 60 min)
Marion F. Wilson [1904-1991] – Recorded April 20, 1991 (approx. 1 hr)
Marie K. Yegian [1901-1998] – Recorded October 21 1980 (approx. 59 min)

Pelham Oral Histories 2020

Howard Frost – Recorded September 1, 2020 (approx. 66 min)
A tribute to Howard Frost – by Linda Hanscom, Intro by David Boyden, Recorded March 28, 2022 (approx. 13 min)
A tribute to Roland and Alice Campbell – by David Boyden, Recorded May 15, 2022
A tribute to Roland and Alice Campbell – Part 2 by Linda Hanscom and David Boyden, Recorded May 15, 2022