Oral Histories


The Pelham Oral History Project:

Between 1979 and 1981, Barbara Benda Jenkins conducted 21 oral history sound recordings with long-time Pelham residents. The recordings were transcribed by a number of volunteers, and then, in 2003, were electronically transcribed by Happi Cramer. In a few instances, the transcripts have been edited for on-line presentation. Editorial notations are signified with brackets [ ]. The complete, unedited texts as well as the sound recordings themselves are available at the Pelham Free Public Library History Room. — Robert Lord Keyes – February 12, 2005 Pelham Oral History Project: Part 1 PDF or Microsoft Word Part 1 Includes conversations with: Flora Adriance, Daniel Henry Allen, Mark Aldrich, Harold Bohmer, George W. Burrows, Paul H. Campbell, Ethel Cushman, Herbert Goodell. Pelham Oral History Project: Part 2 PDF or Microsoft Word Part 2 Includes conversations with Gifford Towle, Lawrence’Bud’ Willson, Marion Wilson, Marie Yegian. Pelham Oral History Project : Part 3 PDF or Microsoft Word Part 3 Includes conversations with John Partridge Hunt, Pearl Keyes, Sr., Evelyn Kimball, Gladys Olds Reed, Mabel Lumley, M. Carlton Robinson, Sally Shepard, Beatrice Irene Smith, Mary L. H. Taylor.
Sally Shepard – Recorded June 1989 (approx. 60 min)
Marie K. Yegian [1901-1998] – Recorded October 21 1980 (approx. 59 min)

Pelham Oral Histories 2020

Howard Frost – Recorded September 1, 2020 (approx. 66 min)
A tribute to Howard Frost – by Linda Hanscom, Intro by David Boyden, Recorded March 28, 2022 (approx. 13 min)