ARTFUL AND DESIGNING MEN: The Trials of Job Shattuck and the Regulation of 1786-1787 !!! POSTPONED !!!

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(2 South Valley Road)
[ 42.378065 , -72.468994 ]
When: Monday Nov 17 2014 ~ 7:00 pm

!!! POSTPONED Due to bad weather !!!
Capt. Job Shattuck, one of the principal leaders in Shays’ Rebellion, was tried and sentenced to death for high treason. Join author Gary Shattuck as he discusses previously undiscovered evidence that sheds a surprising new light on Capt. Shattuck’s involvement, and forces a reassessment of this honorable man’s actions.

Community Center Ramsdell Room Business Meeting
Chairperson: Bruce Klotz, 253-1601