Pelham, the Shays Rebellion, and Perfecting the American Revolution

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(2 South Valley Road)
[ 42.378065 , -72.468994 ]
When: Tuesday Nov 14 2017 ~ 7:00 pm

Annual Meeting at 7 pm; followed by a presentation at 7:30 pm
In anticipation of Pelham’s 275th Anniversary in 2018, Tom Fanning will provide an introduction to the Shays Rebellion, an event whose import went far beyond our town and foreshadowed the class struggles that occur even today. The Shays Rebellion has been both reviled and praised over the 235 years since the yeoman farmers of the western counties rose up to express their displeasure with the “coastal elite” in the east. This presentation will feature a timeline of forced court closings and other actions that constituted the actual rebellion. A lively discussion of this and other related events is planned.

Location: Pelham Library Ramsdell Room
co-sponsored with the Pelham Library
For more information contact Tom Fanning, 413-253-5404.