Pelham Town Hall Complex: An Updated Tour – Rescheduled.

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(376 Amherst Rd & Rt 202)
[ 42.392329 , -72.404074 ]
When: Sunday Oct 1 2017 ~ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Pelham Town Hall Complex: An Updated Tour

This year’s tour of the Pelham Town Complex (Town Hall, Church/Museum, Cemetery, and former Militia Ground) incorporates the exciting findings of the Interior Preservation Study completed in 2016. Learn not only about the local, state and national importance of Pelham’s Town Complex, a National Register Historic District, but also about the original color of the Town Hall’s interior paint and about other features original to 1743 and more recent periods examined by the preservation experts. Joseph Larson of the Pelham Historical Commission will lead the tour of the site and buildings. The tour will conclude with highlights from Pelham’s newly-renovated Museum, housed in the Church of the Town Complex.

This Tour is highly recommended for anyone thinking about volunteering to be a Greeter.

For more information on the Tour contact Joseph Larson, 413- 256-8256.
For information on volunteering as a Museum Greeter contact Sharrie Reydak at sreydak or at 413-256-1097.