The Pelham Fish Rod Factory: Where Football History Intersects Fishing Rod History

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(2 South Valley Road)
[ 42.378065 , -72.468994 ]
When: Thursday Jul 14 2016 ~ 7:00 pm

Learn from Rex Eads of Vancouver, WA how a key “player” in American football history played a central role in the growth and development of The Pelham Fish Rod Factory. Rex Eads is an avid fly fisherman, collector of bamboo fishing rods and a fishing tackle historian. Known as “The Monty Man” by other fishing tackle historians and collectors, he is working on a book about the history of the Montague Rod & Reel Company, with a focus on the bamboo fly fishing rods they produced. The Pelham Fish Rod Factory, run by Eugene Bartlett, represents the birthplace of this company and an important part of its history.

You are invited to bring any Pelham Rod Shop or Montague artifact or memorabilia to share with the group and to bring your fishing rods for identification and appraisal.

For more information contact Linda Campbell Hanscom at 413-323-7377.